Many of us have found ourselves either building a new home or wanting to renovate our bathrooms. If so the selection of tiles for the bathroom will be a very important stepping stone. In this article, we give you some ideas for bathroom tiles/tiling.

Before you get started you need to consider how much of the area you will be tiling. Will you go from floor to ceiling or just a skirting tile in some areas (anything up to 600mm up the wall)? Obviously, the first option will add to the cost but in terms of overall appearance (as well as re-sale), it is well worth it. Bathroom tiles come in many shapes, sizes, colours and textures so a visit to a tile showroom is a good starting point. Looking at house and garden type magazines can also lead to inspiration and ideas. After a visit to the tile showroom, you can then go home and sketch a design of your room incorporating any changes or features that you would like to incorporate. After that it is probably time to go out again to start the tile selection and get some tile prices as well as samples (here at Tileflair we are happy to give our customers a full-size sample – if available at the time, as we find that by providing our customers with a larger sample tile it is a lot easier for them to envisage what that tile will look like in their home). Quite often this process can go on for some time, it is, however, something worth getting right from the start.

A matt finish porcelain bathroom floor tile is often the no.1 choice due to its durability, resistance to dampness, its safe to walk on when wet and for its ease of cleaning. Selecting a non-slip tile is very important for obvious reasons.

Bathroom floor tiles come in many shapes and sizes including squares, rectangles, hexagons and octagons, while accent pieces can be narrow and small diamond shaped.

Here are some ideas for your bathroom tiles:

  1. When using a solid colour porcelain or ceramic floor tile for your bathroom you can use border or feature tile on the wall to provide a more visually interesting finish.
  2. If using the same colour tiles on both the floor and walls look for some smaller tiles for the floor and lay them diagonally to create a more interesting look.
  3. Different coloured grout can be a good way to give contrast to the wall or floor tiles. For example, if going with a dark tile you would select a white grout. Or if feeling more adventurous there is a large range of grout colours to choose from.
  4. With larger rectangular wall tiles (a very popular choice today) you can lay them horizontally to make your room appear longer and wider.

These are just a few bathroom tile ideas.

For more inspiration and information we look forward to seeing you at our Canberra showroom here at Tileflair.